This category has popular Indian food items such as Chapati, Roti, Paratha, Indian cottage cheese (Paneer). All meat Items we sell is Halal only.

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Chapati 400g.

Whole wheat chapati (Roti) 10Pcs. 400g. One of the worlds favourite unleavened flatbreads, this vers..

¥380 (With Tax)

Plain Paratha 400g.

Kawan Plain Paratha 400g (5Pcs). Product Of Malaysia...

¥370 (With Tax)

Phulka Roti 360g.

Haldirams Phulka Roti 360g (12pcs). Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Milk, Refined Sunflower ..

¥370 (With Tax)

Aloo Paratha 400g.

Frozen Aloo Paratha 400g. (100g x 4pcs). Indian bread stuffed with Potatoes, herbs and Spices. Produ..

¥420 (With Tax)

Roti (Raj) 240g.

Raj Hand made Roti 240g. (8pcs) suitable for vegetarians. Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Water,Milk..

¥270 (With Tax)

Malabari Paratha 320g.

Hand swirled multi layered bread Malabari Paratha 320g. (4pcs) suitable for vegetarians. Ingredients..

¥320 (With Tax)

Home Style Paratha 264g.

Traditional unleavened whole wheat pin rolled flat bread Home Style Paratha 264g (4pcs). Suitable fo..

¥298 (With Tax)

Paneer Cubes 400g.

Amul Paneer (cottage cheese ) Cubes 400g. (200g.x2). Product of India. Ingredients: Milk, salt, acid..

¥680 (With Tax)

Paneer Amul 1kg.

Amul Paneer 1kg. Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) is a fresh cheese. Paneer is one of the most widely ..

¥1,400 (With Tax)

Green Chilies Frozen 200g.

Frozen hot Green Chilies 200g. Chilli (Mirch) is one of the largest used spices in many recipes. Chi..

¥315 (With Tax)

Frozen Green Peas 1kg.

Frozen Green Peas (Mutter) 1kg. It is use for many recepies. Product Of China..

¥550 (With Tax)

Mutton with bone 1kg.

Halal Mutton with bone 1kg. Product of Australia...

¥1,050 (With Tax)

Goat Meat with Bone and Skin 1kg.

Halal Goat Meat with Bone and Skin 1kg. Product of australia...

¥1,380 (With Tax)

Chicken Sausage 340g.

Frozen Halal Chicken Sausage 340g. Product of Brazil...

¥370 (With Tax)

Chicken Whole 900g.

Halal Chicken Whole 900g. It is use in many recepies. product of Argentina...

¥450 (With Tax)
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