If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer your any queries.


Q. What do I do if I'm having trouble ordering on line?
A. Please clear your web browser's cache, cookies and history. If you still have problems then please contact us.

Q. When do I receive my order?
A. Normally all order will be dispatched within 1-2 day but we try our best to provide you a fastest service. It will be delivered next day or day after tomorrow depend upon area but some island may takes up to 7 days. We will provide you order tracking ID after it shipped.


Q. Who will deliver my order? 
A. Normal & chilled shipment will be deliver by Japan post office and frozen by Yamato transport.


Q. Can I select my suitable time for delivery? 
A. Yes you can. You can select during the order process.


Q. What is the amount for free delivery?
A. Due to increased shipping charge we are not able to offer you free delivery any more effective from 01-07-2018.


Q. What is a minimum order amount?
A. Minimum order amount is 1,000 yen.


Q. In how many languages does CUSTOMER SUPPORT available?
A. Our support team support you on JapaneseEnglishHindi and Nepalese language.

Q. Does products will be delivered all over Japan?
A. Yes, Products will be delivered all over Japan.

Q. What kind of PAYMENT METHODS are accepted?
A. Currently,

  1.      Bank Transfer
  2.      Cash on Delivery

For bank transfer payment remittance charge have to bear by client. Bank details will be sent on our working hours. Your order will be shipped after the payment confirmation.


Q. What is chilled shipment? 
A. The shipment which will be on (1℃~6℃) temperature.


Q. What is the meaning of Collect Charge?
A. Collect charge is a payable amount to shipping agent for collecting the cash from you and transfer it in to our account.


Q. Up to how many days before can I place the order?
A. We can't hold the order more than one week.

Q. Why I didn't receive order confirmation mail?
A. Please login to My Account and check your order status on our website. Your order confirmation mail will be sent to you by automail. If you didn't receive it, Please check the spam folder of your mail box.


Q. How do I change my registered information? 
A. Please login to My Account and follow the steps.


Q. I forgot my password what should I do?
A. Please click My Account [Forgot Password] and follow the steps.


Q. How do I cancel my account? 
A. Please write us a cancellation request including all your account information. Your user registration will be permanently cancelled.


Q. What is the order cancellation & return policy?
A. Your complete satisfaction is our mission. If your order did not meet your expectations for any reasons, please notify our customer care department at 03-5420-2032 before it dispatch. Once order is dispatched then, it is responsibility of the customer to receive the package. Please visit terms of use page for details.